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2nd March 2019

WI Building, Rayleigh

List Of Confirmed Therapists, Exhibitors, Beauticians, Coaches

Prices & Treatments....

Jacqueline Grant - Health & Wellness Coach

Jacqueline will be joining us with a Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing Fitness Stand - specialising in Health, Fitness, The Menopause, Pilates / Work Outs and Mindset Coaching.   Jaqueline will  be speaking on the main stage about living a healthier happier life as a busy professional.  She will be speaking about 6 key objectives to build health and happiness into your life.   Jacqueline also specialises in hormone embalance, runs a group called 'Feeling Fit and Fabulous Over 40', nutrition and women's health before a fabulous demo which will include a 'Pilates' class that we can all take part in - no experience necessary just suitable clothing and trainers.  Book a 15 or 30 minute diagnostic /coaching / nutritional chat with Jacqueline - prices to follow shortly.

Jacqueline is featured in a best selling book in Amercia 'Conversations Behind The Mic' has over 1K followers and runs a very successful weekly shows on her Facebook page 'Motivational Monday' and 'Wellness Wednesday'.


Magnetic Jewellery & Wellbeing Products - Retail Exhibitor

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery & Wellbeing Products

01277 659875/07939 074836

Facebook: '@jewellerygill'  Gill Clark


"Unique, stylish jewellery with integrated magnets and copper to permanently relieve pain and inflammation naturally"



Medical Skin Clinic - Skin Treatments

Booked Therapy Stand - 30 min slots x 8 available for booking.


The Medical Skin Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic, providing natural looking anti-ageing treatments. Only medical professionals administer our treatments so you can be sure you’re in the best possible hands. We offer free consultations and a wide variety of treatments to suit everyone, including Dermal Fillers, wrinkle injections , PDO threads and Chemical Peels.   Details of prices and treatments to follow.

Therapist:  Chrissie Newson.


Arbonne Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare, Makeup and Healthy Living Product Stand

Vegan & Animal Friendly Products


Pure, Safe, Beneficial

Skin care advice, Anti-aging, Makeup, 30 Days to Healthy Living, Bath & Body


Product based stand. 


Leone Edwards - Reiki & Psyhic Readings

Leonee will be joining us providing one to one Reiki Treatments and Readings bookable on the day (first come first served using her Spa Day Booking Schedule).  Leone Edwards is a psyhic medium, healer and Reiki Master practitioner.  She is also a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master. 

Website link:



Tel: 07939840693

Kerry Standfast - Psychic Medium / Morning Platform Demo & Individual Readings


We are delighted that Kerry will offer our ticket holders a free 45 minute platform demo (morning - time to be confirmed) as well as individual readings (at extra cost) throughout the day.  Individual readings to be bookedand paid for on the day using Kerry's Treatment Schedule - first come first served.  Confirmation private reading prices to follow shortly.




For more information about Kerry, her background and experience and testimonials, please go to 

The Knight Way To A Brighter Day - Karen E. Knight - Author and Positivity Coach, Rayleigh

The Knight Way Seminar - an opportunity for clients to learn about the Law of Attraction, dealing with issues in a positive way, how to take charge of your own destiny, using the Universe to help you in your everyday life, Coping and using tools to help you control your own mind.  Karen has written a book on 'The Knight Way To A Brighter Day' to help people use the positive forces to improve their life circumstances.  Karen has been featured in the best selling American book '50 Conversations Behind The Mic' which inspires it's readers to change their lives - interviewed by the talented host Jacqueline Grant.

Karen's book will be available to purchase on the day for £12.50 (hard copy) or if you prefer you can buy from Amazon (download / Kindle edition) for just £3.50.  Karen will be offering first session discounted skype coaching / telephone coaching / coaching appointments in the Rayleigh consulting room for guests of Spa Day For The Soul for just £5 for 30 mins as a treat / taster to any Spa Day clients who wish to experience a private Knight Way appointment.

Lisa Atanaska - Spirit Of You


Lisa will be offering one to one Angel Card Readings and Spirit Readings bookable on the day (first come first served using her Spa Day Booking Schedule).  Reading Prices £25 for 30mins.  Please bring cash as some stall holders may not have card machine facilities.  More information about Lisa will follow shortly.

Bou-Belles Hair & Beauty, Rayleigh

Bou-Belles will be in attendance offering Make Up Tutorials, Hair demonstrations and Image Consultancy.  A makeover will be carried out on stage demonstrating glitter eyes, foundation application, hightlight, blush and contour, eyebrows and application of lipstick.  The hair demonstration will consist of a tutorial of how to use straighteners to create the perfect curl.


Tel: 07867 973590

Hummingbird Therapies, Leigh on Sea

We are delighted that Sam Hill from Hummingbird Therapies will be joining us to offer massage treatments to the guests of Spa Day For The Soul bookable on the day using her Therapy Booking Sheet (first come first served / please bring cash incase come of our exhibitors do not have card facilities) at a cost of £15 for a 20minute taster session.  She will be offering Indian Head Massage, Back Massage, Facial Massage and Reiki.  She will also be hosting a raffle to win a free treatment.

Jane Phillips - Numerology Reading


Jane will be offering numerology readings (8 x 30 min slots) at £20 each.


Numerology  is the study of numbers.  It has ancient origins stemming from China, India, Greece, Egypt, and even Chaldea!  It’s been around for centuries, and even used by Pythagoras.


By decoding the letters of anyone’s legal name with the corresponding numbers, you can reveal lots of information, such as the personality of an individual.


Calculations  when related to a person’s birthday it is also possible to discover your life path – including the challenges and blessings that you will encounter throughout life!


You can use this knowledge to empower every area of your life, including your relationships with others, your career, and even your spiritual life and growth.


If you are interested in a reading with a personal numerology report I shall be available at Spa Day for the Soul.  Readings will be £20 complete with a printed report to take away with you.







Jane Phillips - Belly Dancing Demo


Jane has kindly agreed to give a demo and taster class on belly dancing.  This will be approx 30 min slot and is free with the Spa Day For The Soul Day ticket.


Jane said "I shall be giving a belly dance taster at the Spay Day for the Soul if any one is interested in watching or joining in to learn some basic belly dance moves. All welcome, no matter what age, shape or size. Just have fun with some exercise whether you can dance or not".



Heather Mead - Neals Yard Organic Remedies

Heather will be joining us with an exhibition stand displaying Neals Yard Organic Remedies available to purchase on the day.  She will be bringing diffusers, remedies, producsts and essential oils.

Katerina Nasto, AL-UK Learning Ltd - Law, Mediation and New Business Coach

Katerina will be joining us and will deliver a seminar on starting your own business, mindset and the tools your will require.  Katerina is an exceptional business coach who specialises in Law, Business and Mediation.  We are delighted that she has decided to come from London to give us this life changing training - if you are thinking of starting your own business (or have a small business already) this seminar will be invaluable to you. 

Katerina will also have a stand and will be offering one to one coaching taster sessions on the day at additional cost - first come first served (awaiting one to one coaching pricing info).

Rachael Edgley, Healing and Holistic Therapist


Rachael is based in Southend on Sea and offers a range of holistic healing modalities that are all gentle yet powerful - that promote your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  She also offers Palliative Healing and End of Life Healing.


As an experienced healer and spiritual mentor, Rachael can help you find balance and harmony within.  By working together, she can help you identify physical and emotional wounds and bring to light anything that has been hidden and suppressed - so that you can move forward freely and return to good health.


We are delighted that Rachael will be joining us offering angelic reiki and crystal sound healing. To experience one of Rachael's treatments please book on the day using the Therapy Booking Sheet (first come first served / please bring cash incase come of our exhibitors do not have card facilities) at a cost of £15 for 30 mins or £10 for 20mins taster session.


Roberta Gerri - Four Winds


Roberta is a Shamanic & Spiritual Healer.  Also a Reiki Master , Rahanni Celestial Healing teacher, Angel Mentor & Crystal Healer. In 2013 she studied the Native American Medicine Wheel; learning lots of Shamanic methods of healing as Illumination, Past life regression, Soul Retrieval, Soul contracts, despacho ceremonies etc.


In the last couple years she has integrated new healing methods to her loved Shamanism - 'Divine Healing' a method based on prayers, charts, number mapping & muscle testing which enable her to clear and release patters, shock, traumas, past lifes issues, karmic issues etc from DNA, subatomic and cellular level, Akashic Records TIL our Original Divine Blueprint with grace and ease!


To experience this amazing healing at Spa Day For The Soul with Roberta, a session will be £15 for 15 minutes.  Roberta will have a Therapy Booking Sheet (first come first served / please bring cash).



Relax & Renew, Laura Sparrow


We are delighted that Laura from Relax & Renew will be joining us offering Vitali-Chi Boost Healing, Reiki and Relaxation.  She will be offering taster sessions on the day at a price of £10 for 20 minutes.  Laura will have a Therapist's booking sheet and you will able to book in with her on the day - first come, first served.   Here's some more information about Laura and what she does...


"My name is Laura Sparrow and I am qualified a Vitali-Chi relax leader &Vitali-Chi practitioner therapist & trained in Usui Reiki Level one and Level two.  Vitali-Chi Boost is an energy & wellbeing system that uses copper to deliver natural healing properties to the mind & body. It balances the natural flow of energy throughout your body, in a similar way to acupuncture but without the needles.


The treatments revitalise depleted energy, enhances & delivers natural healing frequencies which assist in healing acute physical or emotional symptoms and deliver wellbeing. The frequencies used in Vitali-Chi Boost treatments are made to realign your body’s vibrations.  The frequencies are Hypoallergenic, Paraben free, not tested on animals & are Vegan friendly. This unique vibrational formula helps at a deep level and enhances positive cell renewal in all Vitali-Chi products, of which I have for you to try.


These frequencies are chosen during treatments, normally run at my home studio in Hockley. I run regular relax classes from home and in schools.


I will be offering a special taster offer on Vitali-Chi Boost sessions £10 for 20 minutes".





Body Shop Retail Exhibition Stand - Aneliese Wilkinson


Spa Day For The Soul are delighted that Aneliese will be bringing along her Body Shop Products to sell on the day.  More information to follow.  

Aventurine - Sarah Lisovsky


Spa Day For the Soul are delighted that Sarah from Aventurine will be joining us to offer a selection of treatments including Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head, Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder massages as well as Reiki Crystal healing.  She will be charging £8 for 15 minutes and £15 for 30 minutes.  Sarah will have an appointment sheet - book in on the day; first come, first served.  

Liz Sharpe - Live Your Life Therapies (Hypnotherapy & Coaching)

We are delighted that Liz will be joining us from Live Your Life Therapies to perform two stage demos - one on 'How to beat stress anxiety and depression through hypnosis' and the other 'Healing through hypnosis'.

Ever felt stressed, anxious or depressed but want to feel different?   Liz Sharpe (hypnotherapist, counsellor and coach) is running this session on teaching you some self help tips to feel calm again. 


Then join Liz again as she facilites a session on the healing powers of hypnosis. Learn how you can use hypnosis to feel different. 


To find out more about Liz and book up a free consultation, go to

We hope you can join us!  It's going to be a great day!

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